How To Write Excellent Answers In Examinations, Tips

Every student dreams of getting the best marks in their exams. But some students do not get good marks in the exam, there are many reasons for that and the main reason is not being able to write a good answer. Exams are conducted for Answers only, so you must know the right way how to write answers in the exam.

How To Write Excellent Answers In Examinations

There is a way to write question answer, if you know how to write question answer, then you will definitely be able to achieve good success in future.If you want to top the exam then read the information, gather maximum information only then any board exam can be topped.

How do you write an exam answers?

To write a good answer in any type of exam, you have to pay attention to some things or facts only then you can write a good answer.

Most of the students do not pay attention to these things, due to which the answer written by them is not understood by the teacher checking the Exam Answers paper, due to which the student’s marks are less.

To write a good answer, it is not enough for the student to have only knowledge of a subject, because there is also a way of writing the answer, and whether you are writing that answer fast or slowly, all these things are also important for a good answer. are necessary for

Because while giving the exam, our mind, eyes and hands write with concentration thinking about a subject and then see it.

In order to write a good answer, what are the important things to pay attention to? Today we are going to discuss those things.

Step 1 – Write answer according to the facts of the question

Many students start writing the answer after seeing the question, but this is not the correct way of writing the answer. Most of the students do not see the demand made in the question. Students start writing answers according to the wording of the question.

While always before writing exam answers one should take some time to read the question and catch the hidden fact in the question and write the answer accordingly.

In the examination, we should not show our knowledge but should give information according to the demand made in the question. And if you are preparing for a big exam like UPSC then it is very important for you to understand the facts of the question before writing the answer.

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Step 2 – Calm the mind and do not burden the mind

Many students make the mistake that they start writing the answer directly after reading the question, whereas this should not be done. By doing this, students are not able to write any answer correctly.

Student should calm his/her mind before appearing in the exam, then take a little break after reading the questions as there are many sections in each exam question paper and it is important to understand them and then start writing the answers. .

When a student sits in the examination hall, a lot of movement is going on in his mind whether what he has studied will come in the examination or not, apart from this, many things are going on in the mind of a student sitting in the examination.

At such a time, when the question paper is in front, one should not panic and read the question paper keeping the mind calm, because it is important that the answers should be written only after reading the first exam answers questions completely.

Step 3 – Format of writing while writing Exam Answers.

Before writing the answer to the question in any exam, it is necessary to have knowledge of the format of writing. Writing format means writing the introduction, expansion and conclusion or review at the end.

Role – All the features hidden in the question are written in the form of role along with the general information of the question is given. Answer the question keeping in mind the words of your question in the introduction so that the teacher checking the answer understands that you have written the answer on the topic of the question itself.

Detail – Another form of writing is detail and it is the mainstay of the question as it has to give complete information. The extension should be of three to four pages. For example, if reason, result and importance have been asked in a question, then it is necessary to write 6 to 7 pages about it. Because this is the basis of the question. And when the question is written in detail, only the main facts are talked about.

Conclusion – The third form of writing is conclusion and review. The essence of whatever has been written in the answer from the beginning and told till the end is written in the conclusion. The conclusion should always be given in three to four lines.

Step 4: Give balanced answers, don’t be in a hurry in writing Exam Answers.

The answer to the question should always be given in a balanced manner. The student should not give his personal information and care should be taken that the student should not give too much inclination towards any one fact. Because doing so makes the answer unbalanced. In which your numbers can be cut.

Step 5 Arrange the answers in order

While writing the answer, it is always necessary to pay attention to its serialization. Like talking about some other fact in the first line of the answer and some other fact in the second line. By doing this, the two lines will not be connected and the teacher will not be interested in reading your answers, so always answer Write in sequential order only.

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Step 6 – Use maps or charts if needed

If you have a question in which you can draw a picture. So in answer to such a question, you should draw a picture and write the answer. This makes it easy for the teacher to understand. Example – If a question is related to a state, then you can make a map of that state.

Step 7 – Write the language correctly

Fluency in the language is essential to write a good answer. There should be purity in the language. Correct spelling should be used in the answer to any question. It is necessary to have clear vocabulary for writing answers. No matter which language you are writing the answer.

Step 8 – Write answer based on facts

The answer to the question should contain the evidence and facts that the question sought. If proof has been asked from the student about the correctness of a subject, but the student is telling the features of that subject, then the teacher checking the paper will not give him good marks.

Step 9 – Writing the question according to the word limit

If the word limit for writing the answer to a question is 200 and the student is giving that answer in 100 words or 400 words while writing the exam answers questions, then the examiner will hardly give him good marks.

The special feature of a good answer is that the word limit of the answer has been followed. If an answer has been sought in 600 words, then the answer should not exceed 600-630 words.

Any student should follow these 9 steps to write a good answer, by doing this he/she can write a good answer in any type of exam. Because these 9 steps are the foundation of the answer to the question and without these the answer to the question can never be complete. That’s why it is necessary to have all these while writing the answer.

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